Learning development re-imagined
  • Dynamic learning experiences
  • Efficient team workflow
  • Focused on business goals

Interact focuses on the process of learning design. It enables the efficient creation of challenging resources built by dispersed teams. Interact is as much a tool for business as it is training development.

Work more efficiently as a team

Interact unifies a team towards the learning goal. It provides the tool to concentrate efforts on the learning design, structure and flow while simultaneously creating a roadmap for each contributor to follow.

  • Learning Architects

    Interact is your go to tool for designing the learning experience, identifying and co-ordinating resources needed and publishing final content.

  • Content Reviewers

    Interact simplifies the review process by enabling reviewers to make feedback in live content which gets fed straight back to the Learning Architect.

  • Graphic Designers

    Rather than forcing your designer to use simplified graphic tools in an eLearning app, Interact works with the purpose built tools they’re already used to.

  • AV Media Developers

    As the learning structure is defined in Interact, media placeholders are created and media production briefs generated. Once created you simply drop the media files into place.

  • Translators

    Interact generates translation scripts to work from, then when the results are imported Interact automatically links the translations to the content.

  • Interactive Developers

    Interact provides an SDK which enables developers to create interactive exercises able to be re-used, dropped into place and configured by the Learning Architect.

  • Training & Project Managers

    Keeping a finger on the pulse, seeing the live status of the project and ensuring the right people have access to the right things is easy with Interact regardless of your location.

  • Multiple Teams

    Working with multiple teams spread globally is simple due to content and role based permissions, version and share controls and centralized management.

  • Contractors

    Working with contractors is just like working with members of your own teams - with the addition of some controls Interact provides to help you manage IP and security.

Learning experience boost

Well designed interactive exercises greatly enhance a learning experience, but the traditional approach to building them using other tools is prohibitive.

Using Interact in conjunction with our SDK, your developers can create exercises your learning architect can re-use, re-purpose, re-brand, configure and even translate - all without going back to to your developer. Interactive exercises just got a lot more appealing!

Streamlined testing. Ridiculously simple reviews.

Your time is valuable, your reviewer's time is valuable — it's a no brainer really!

  • Get ready to say ahhh!

    It's inevitable that multiple reviews will be needed before rolling out content to a large group. We just remove the nightmare.

  • Build.

    We teach you methods to get your skeleton together quickly, so you can get reviews done early.

  • Assign.

    Decide who you want to review it — a pilot group of learners, your peers or both.

  • Deliver.

    Distribute your course through your own channels or provide reviewers private online access right within your Skilitics environment.

  • Review.

    Reviewers progress through your course as an end user, providing feedback as they go.

  • Tweak.

    Feedback appears within Interact and intelligently connects you to the area it relates to. It couldn't be simpler!

Your brand, multiple languages

When you work with Interact, keeping your learning consistent with multiple brand and language requirements is a piece of cake — even for those complex custom made interactive exercises!

Flexible delivery without involving IT

  • Mobile

    Got staff on the road or need to support a more technically diversified audience? Using Interact you can publish your own apps for iOS and Android.

  • Classroom

    In conjunction with our partner Turning Technologies, you can bring your eLearning to the classroom. Facilitate, poll, debate and learn together.

  • LMS

    Interact works with all known and accepted standards including AICC, SCORM and xAPI. Furthermore, if your LMS supports any of these, we guarantee your content will work.

  • Web & Intranet

    All major browsers for web and intranet are supported, plus a few on the fringe if you like living on the edge.

  • Desktop

    Like the feeling of holding something tangible or want the ease of launching from your desktop? Simply publish as a single executable file.

  • Blended Delivery

    Using Interact you can manage and deliver a blended course able to track scores and pass marks from other activities.

Blended delivery

Weave any requirement, including workshops, practical or oral assessments into any eLearning module by creating check points which halt the learner until the task is complete.

Using our smartphone app, facilitators, supervisors and trainers can provide learners with unique unlock codes which allow them to proceed. An internet connection is not required.

Leverage your size.

Large organizations spread around the globe, subsidiaries, child and parent companies, and government ministries often find themselves producing the same content with slight differences. The Skilitics platform has been designed for collaboration on an unprecedented scale. You can now pool your resources while keeping the differences that make each part of your organization unique.

Security of your data is imperative.

We treat training data like medical data. Even if your organization requires specific security around internal projects or teams, our role and permissions system will enable you to achieve what you require.

Still want more? How about measurable learning?

Forget completions. Start thinking about a world where you can measure your learner's understanding, their impact on your stakeholder's core objectives and ROI, and implement change in strategies based on new insights.

Skilitics Interact has been built with features at a foundational level that will enable you to see the real effect of your training. Check out Skilitics Thrive™ to find out more.

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