Learning development re-imagined
  • Dynamic learning experiences
  • Efficient team workflow
  • Focused on business goals

Interact concentrates development efforts on the architecture, objectives and outcomes of engaging learning experiences by fusing the business drivers with the strategy needed to achieve them.

Interact at a Glance

  • Cloud Based

    Interact is a highly scalable SaaS solution built on Amazon's internationally recognized web services infrastructure.

  • Enterprise Ready

    Secure, stable and able to scale to your requirements, Interact is designed to fulfil the needs of even the largest organizations.

  • Development Tool

    Interact is a development tool specializing in designing the structure, strategy and creation of sophisticated learning content.

  • Adaptive Learning & Assessment

    Move from linear training to more sophisticated and challenging content able to adapt to learner's needs.

  • Built for Measurement

    Credible measurement begins with creating training designed for measurement using purpose-built tools.

  • Blended Delivery

    Combining practical skills assessment, classroom training and eLearning is integral to Interact's design.

  • Collaborative & Flexible

    Enabling remote teams, contractors and even global subsidaries to work together efficiently is fundamental to Interact's design.

  • Logical & Efficient Workflow

    Interact's development process is based on a fast, logically split workflow designed to ensure the best use of everyone's time.

  • Big Picture Approach

    Organizational changes that effect branding, language, LMS or delivery requirements are a breeze with Interact.

  • Build challenging assessments, simulate complex processes and realistic interactions.

  • Sales

    Successful selling is a practical skill refined by the experience gained when dealing with real situations.

    Interact gives you the power to mimic your reality. Deal with the most difficult customers, handle common objections and close deals in a safe environment.

  • Leadership & Management

    Great leadership and management skills are honed with practice.

    Interact allows you to rehearse performance management conversations, staff development reviews and disciplinary process in real situations. Explore the effect of ideal and non-ideal actions, without real world consequences.

  • Health & Safety

    Much of Health and Safety is about persuading your workforce to examine their perceptions and behaviors to challenge potentially unsafe practices.

    With Interact, you can practice these conversations, procedural tasks and assess the ability of an individual to apply their proven theoretical knowledge, in a safe environment.

  • Pharmaceuticals & Medical

    Open disclosure conversations, misdiagnosis assessment and legislative procedures are necessary, but often difficult.

    Skilitics Interact allows you to gain skills and confidence by rehearsing real situations without any detrimental effects.

  • Emergency Services

    Soft skills are critical to emergency service workers who experience a variety of social challenges, such as triage, assisting the drunk & disorderly and responding to domestic violence incidents.

    All of these skills can be honed in a safe environment with Interact.

  • Other

    Skilitics Interact is used to grow soft skills, such as interpersonal skills, decision-making and prioritization. It's current use includes a wide array of industries, training people on everything from insurance claim investigations and air marshaling to hostage negotiation and robbery procedures.

  • Customer Service

    Great customer service is critical to a strong corporate brand and a sustainable business. With Skilitics Interact, your customer service staff can rehearse handling aggressive callers, resolving complex queries and building strong interpersonal conversation skills in a safe environment.

Ever dreamed of creating courses that dynamically change to fit each learner, assessing and filling gaps as they go?
Interact turns those ideas into an efficient reality by making adaptive branching the foundation of every course design.

A tool for the next evolution of instructional design

Introducing the Learning Architect

Creating challenging learning experiences is a discipline honed through a focus on behavioral psychology, business drivers and sound learning methodology.

It’s the core skill needed for the next generation of learning driven by data, impact and continual strategy.

Interact provides the framework needed to build the architecture and strategy underlying more sophisticated learning experiences, while providing the guidance our new generation of instructional designers will require to lead the many skillsets that make up our training teams.