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Skilitics® Announces the Launch of Thrive™ — A scalable big data platform for detailed training analytics.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 9:00 am EDT

Skilitics to launch their scalable big data platform for training at the upcoming ATD 2017 International Conference and Exposition in Atlanta, GA.

New York, NY — (May 15th, 2017) — Skilitics LLC., a global leader in data-driven learning tools designed for corporate learning and development professionals, today announced the launch of their Thrive™ platform for enterprise-scale learning measurement and big data based analytics.

“Releasing Thrive is a tipping point and we're incredibly excited about what this means for the industry” said Glenn Bull, the CEO of Skilitics. “For far too long, the training industry has lacked the scalable tools and technology to provide credible measures to demonstrate their business impact. Without a detailed feedback loop, training professionals have been limited in their ability to quantify the value they bring to their organization. Thrive’s business intelligence will empower learning professionals to prove the return on their company’s investment in training, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of training delivery and accurately target training opportunities”.

When asked about the complexity in creating Thrive, Mr Bull indicated that building a big data platform to measure the effectiveness of training was far more complex than parallel solutions in sales, manufacturing or operations. “To truly measure training outcomes, we needed to reimagine the way we build training content. The majority of training today is linear in nature; in which all learners are presented the same content in the same order. While this is quick and easy to build, the greatest insights come from identifying differences in learner actions.

Initially optimized for their adaptive learning development tool Interact™, the platform enables learning professionals to effortlessly collect an unprecedented level of data without any of the guesswork associated with simple tracking and statement-based solutions. “Thrive is based on a robust architecture capable of capturing millions of learning events per second” says Bull, although keen to point out that knowing what to capture, how to process it and what insights to draw is the real key to their solution.

Skilitics Thrive can support an incredible array of analytics and is capable of providing insights across more than 50 categories. From measuring the likelihood of guessing to the predicted execution of procedures, Thrive’s abilities will continue to grow as the industry embraces this new direction in corporate learning.

Some key features include:
  • Works with industry leading BI tools including Microsoft® Power BI™, Tableau® and Qlik®
  • Works with existing Learning Management Systems
  • Measures learner behaviors based on Skilitics’ growing library of more than 100 behaviors
  • Able to measure against existing competency frameworks
  • Measures residual business risks, knowledge gaps and provides strategic direction
  • Can be connected to AI solutions such as Amazon® Alexa™.
About Skilitics

Skilitics is the company behind the award-winning Interact product used by leading companies around the globe. Interact is the core development tool in Skilitics’ fast growing cloud-based suite, a new generation of data-driven training tools inherently designed for learning measurement. To learn more about Skilitics, please visit